Real Estate Investing For Women Mastermind – January 2017

Our first Real Estate Investing for Women Mastermind was held on January 17, 2017 at Nella Casa Bella Home Staging and Decorating and hosted by Sonja Skye. Here are the highlights of this month’s event.

Sonja Skye is a Realtor, Investor and Author who is passionate about helping women get ahead financially by learning to invest in real estate. She started off the meeting by introducing her vision of bringing this group of women together. Her goal is to encourage more women to invest in real estate and get ahead financially. Her hope is to create an environment where women can come together to learn, grow and support each other so that any fears can be overcome. She then went through a case study of how to crunch the numbers on a potential real estate investment property. Sonja can be reached at 416-826-7150.

Joanne Kuipers of My 2nd Suite discussed what is involved with creating a legal second suite in your existing home, or your next purchase as well as how to legalize an existing unit. There are specific criteria that the home must meet, from zoning requirements, the age of the home, lot size, and following the building and fire codes. Joanne is a project manager, property manager and available to not only help you legalize your second suite but will also screen and place tenants into your rental units. Joanne can be reached at 416-628-8340.

Jennifer Lauder is a financial planner and money coach. She discussed how Real Estate Investing is a great wealth building strategy but like any investment you need to determine if it’s the right fit for you and if it makes sense within your financial plan and the goals you’ve set for yourself. It requires knowing your financials and having a solid plan; having the support of professionals and other like-minded investors; taking your time and doing the necessary research. Real Estate Investing is a business and with the right plan, tools, and team in place can provide excellent returns allowing you to grow your wealth and perhaps even retire early. Jennifer can be reached at 289-404-7128.

Gretchen Casey has been a Mortgage Agent for over 12 years and has helped over 500 families in Ontario to plan and realize their real estate ownership goals. Real estate and renovation financing are key parts to your success in getting the right returns on your investment. Gretchen discussed how to get the right return on investment and how to complete all of your due diligence. For those that have already purchased a number of rental properties, she discussed the importance of lender guidelines in growing your portfolio. Gretchen can be reached at 905-579-4412.

Barb Wiseberg, who acts as Director of Communications for Darrel Hotz, Barrister & Solicitor, presented “Advantages of Incorporating a Business” for investors. There are many types of properties to invest in and many ways to invest in properties. Some investors choose to invest personally, either alone or with a spouse, friend or other family member. Others choose to incorporate. There are several features that are unique to a corporation which make it a strong legal structure for many businesses. Barb can be reached at 416-827-0076.

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