Real Estate Investing For Women Mastermind – February 2017

These women are excited about learning about investing in real estate. Here is a recap of our February meeting.

Sonja Skye is a Realtor, Investor and Author who is passionate about helping women get ahead financially by learning to invest in real estate. She started off the meeting by introducing her vision of bringing this group of women together. Her goal is to encourage more women to invest in real estate and get ahead financially. Her hope is to create an environment where women can come together to learn, grow and support each other so that any fears can be overcome. Last month she shared how to analyze the numbers on a potential straight rental property. This month she shared a case study on how to crunch the numbers on a potential rent to own real estate investment property. Sonja can be reached at 416-826-7150.

Michelle Palma-Matheson is an experienced financial advisor and real estate investor. She shared some great tips on getting into Real Estate investing based on her personal experiences which include finding an expert to help you get into your first property, building a team of experts in all areas and getting good at one genre of real estate investing. She then went into how to build a down payment to purchase your investment property including options such as RRSP/TFSA/Cash Acct Rules/ Tangerina/Mutual Fund/ Corp Class** HBP- and lastly how to create a safety net. Michelle can be reached at 905-250-0137.

Investment properties – particularly smaller, residential real estate – are now accessible to many average Canadians. And as any homeowner will confirm, real estate has been one of the most attractive investment categories in Canada for the past decade. Sherry Corbitt, Mortgage Agent, discussed what lenders want to see from you as far as income documents, fair market rent values, and debt ratios. When can you use a holding company, what is the average rate and down payment needed for investment homes and what is the difference between a second home and an investment home. Sherry can be reached at 905-995-3143.

Nella Deluca is a Certified Home Staging Professional dedicated to helping home owners, realtors and property investors in the Greater Toronto Area which includes the Durham Region. From the initial Staging Consultation to Showcasing the property for sale, Nella uses her passion and expertise to transform occupied or vacant homes into model homes. The Open House ready home inevitably attracts more buyers helping homes sell faster and often times for more money. Nella understands the stress of preparing a home or investment property for sale and prides herself in customer service and working closely with investors so that they get the highest Return on Investment. Often times, clients are so happy with her home staging service that they call upon Nella to decorate their new home. To work with Nella, please call 416-843-4958.

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President & Founder Sonja is our Rent To Own Specialist who will take you through the application process, help you find a home and work with our team of investors to purchase the home for you. She is experienced in real estate investing and is the author of Stop Renting, Start Saving. She is passionate about helping people build wealth through home ownership and will guide you through the entire process.