Podcast #001 – Why Invest in Real Estate?

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to our brand new Real Estate Investing Podcast. This show is devoted to making real estate investing easy to understand so that anyone can get started and retire early. Learn why investing in real estate is the #1 proven way to increase your wealth. Various strategies for investing in real estate will be covered such as buy and hold, rent to own, student rentals and much more! For most people, investing in real estate can be a very scary process because of the unknowns. Tune in to eliminate your fears with the helpful information that is provided on the show! Here’s the first episode:





About The Author


President & Founder Sonja is our Rent To Own Specialist who will take you through the application process, help you find a home and work with our team of investors to purchase the home for you. She is experienced in real estate investing and is the author of Stop Renting, Start Saving. She is passionate about helping people build wealth through home ownership and will guide you through the entire process.