How to buy rental property and have tenants want to unclog their own toilets!

One of the reasons many turn away from investing in real estate is the fear of having to deal with tenants and spend time unclogging toilets.  Although this may the experience some real estate investors have there are real estate strategies available that will not only minimize having to do repairs on rental properties but also have tenants who want to do their own maintenance.

The entire process of finding a rental property, analyzing whether it’s a good invest and finding good tenants can become stress free by following a proven system and using an experienced real estate investor as your mentor.  Stop Waiting Start Investing goes through some of the real estate strategies that are available and will provide you with some tips on how to get started.




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About The Author

Sonja Skye

President & Founder Sonja is our Rent To Own Specialist who will take you through the application process, help you find a home and work with our team of investors to purchase the home for you. She is experienced in real estate investing and is the author of Stop Renting, Start Saving. She is passionate about helping people build wealth through home ownership and will guide you through the entire process.